The Insider: CPAs Speak

Representatives from the N.C. Association of Certified Public Accountants told reporters Wednesday that the state must modernize its tax code and promoted its website devoted to the issue, Officials from the 13,000-member organization said the group wouldn’t get behind any specific tax-reform measure, but instead would try to help educate the public on the various proposals considered by lawmakers.

On the website, the association says the current tax code is outdated, heavily dependent on unpredictable revenue streams and puts North Carolina at a disadvantage against other Southeast states. Jim Ahler, chief executive officer of the Association of CPAs, said within three to five years, the existing tax code wouldn’t produce the revenue necessary to operate state government. “We cannot afford to wait to modernize our tax code,” he said. The website includes a petition urging lawmakers to update the code.

Asked whether the association would support a proposal for the state to charge sales taxes on accounting services, Rollin Groseclose, an Asheville accountant, said that would depend on the details of the tax reform legislation under consideration. (Patrick Gannon, THE INSIDER, 5/09/13).